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March 17, 2019

It has been said that Martin Luther hated the Book of Esther, "a document which permits no Christological interpretation because it is a purely Jewish historical narrative."1 For those with ears to hear, the Book of Esther does have what could be called a "Christological interpretation," though it is an interpretation with which many Christians will not be happy. Martin Luther would certainly not like it, because it is an interpretation that speaks of the Church's shameful treatment of the Jewish people throughout history. THE PLAYERS & TYPES There are four main characters in the Book of Esther. First, there is King Ahasuerus, a king in search of a bride. Second, there is Esther the Jewess, chosen to be queen from among all the hopeful brides-to-be. Third, there is Mordecai, a proud

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March 29, 2020

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