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Commission Art from Daniel Botkin

Abram Van Terah's Starry Night

Abram Van Terah's Starry Night Rcvd 1-23-22.JPG

Commissioned by Joe Pester. Prints on canvas available. See HOME page for sizes and prices. Contact Daniel Botkin to order.

image_72192707 - 12-9-21.JPG

Psurrealistic Psalm 107
(Large Version by Commission)

The art piece to the left is a large version of Psurrealistic Psalm 107, commissioned by Melissa Rawlins of Chayah Ministries. Prints on canvas available.

Contact Daniel Botkin to order.

21st Century Exodus.png

"Hebrew Slaves in Egypt"    Commission for Robert Chrisley

"21st Century Exodus" Commission for GOE Reader, Rod  | Read the Story behind this piece

Click Here to Order Your Print!

To commission a piece of art, contact Daniel Botkin to discuss what you have in mind.
In general, Daniel does NOT do portraits of families, weddings, pets, etc.
The cost of commissioned artwork is comparable to the cost of non-commissioned artwork.

Contact Daniel at or phone (309) 698-9467.
No business calls on Sabbath, please (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday).

"Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob With Their Heifers"    Triptych Commissioned by Mike Spieker

"Crossing the Red Sea"    Commissioned by Robert Chrisley

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