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Psurrealistic Psalms | 150 Paintings Inspired by the 150 Psalms of the Bible

Purchase Daniel's New Art Book ~ An Incredible 6-Year Project!
This 11" x 8.5" hardcover, full-color, glossy paper book includes
the full text of each Psalm from the 
King James Bible next to each Psurrealistic Psalm painting.
Great as a Coffee Table Book or as a Gift!
150 Psalms, 150 Paintings, Only $1 Per Painted Psalm ~ Includes 4 FREE Bonus Paintings!

See Details Below to Place Your Orders . . .

DB BK7 Cover-3 (front-cover-only).jpg
DB BK7 Cover-3 (back-cover-only).jpg

A Note From Daniel . . . 

My long-awaited book Psurrealistic Psalms is finally available. Right before this issue went to the printers, I ordered a shipment of books. You can order copies from Gates of Eden or from . . .

A lot of time, work and money went into producing this book. That means we need to sell quite a few copies just to break even. If you can afford to buy more than one copy, consider buying copies to give as gifts to people who are lovers of art and literature. Consider taking the book to your local library and see if they will let you donate a copy. If you happen to own a bookstore, or know someone who does, contact me for information about selling copies in a a bookstore. Introductory offer for a limited time: If you order more than one copy from Gates of Eden, GOE will pay the shipping cost to any address in the U.S.

*The above note is an excerpt from Daniel's "Thus Saith The Editor" section of his GOE Magazine, Nov/Dec 2023 / Vol.  29 No. 6 , Page 6​.

Order it for $150 per book & $7.50 shipping & handling in the U.S.

(IL residents are required to add $11.63 IL

sales tax per book).

Send check or money order to:

Gates of Eden

PO Box 2257

East Peoria, IL 61611-0257


If you live outside the U. S., you must order it through

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