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Galleries: To Everything There is a Season

One song Pete Seeger wrote was "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)," with lyrics adapted from Ecclesiastes chapter 3. These 12 pieces of art depict the various "seasons and times to every purpose under heaven" which are mentioned in the song. Each piece consists of two or more canvases, mounted on a custom-made frame, to show the contrasting seasons and times. The central and largest piece is "A Time of War, A Time of Peace." On this piece, 7 canvases are arranged in the shape of a Magen David (Shield of David or Star of David). The 6 red triangular canvases of the Magen David depict 6,000 years of war-filled human history, starting with Cain and Abel. The triangles can be viewed clockwise, like the numbers on a clock, and followed full circle from Cain and Abel to contemporary beheadings (as a mirror image of Cain and Abel) and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The hexagon with blues and greens in the center of the Magen David depicts messianic yearnings for a time for peace. All the pieces are in acrylic and mixed media. This body of work was exhibited in Pete Seeger's hometown of Beacon, NY for his 100th birthday (May 3, 2019). It is available as a traveling exhibition. If you are interested in hosting the exhibit, please let me know.

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