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Video & Audio Teachings by Daniel Botkin

Hebraic Roots Network Daniel Botkin
Hebraic Roots Network Daniel Botkin
Hebraic Roots Network Daniel Botkin

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Hebraic Roots Network Daniel Botkin

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The Ghost of Marcion

You can now read this fascinating article by Daniel Botkin reprinted on Messianic Publications.

Learn the history behind Christianity's quick shift away from Torah and how Paul's writings were elevated above the Old Testament.


This extensive article includes: Seven Guidelines to Understanding Paul's Letters, a helpful resource for  every Bible student.


In The Ghost of Marcion, Daniel takes us back to the 2nd Century Church to exam the origins of this phenomenon. Contact Daniel for a copy of this article.

Audio Teachings on CD . . .

Daniel Botkin's Audio Teachings average 40-45 minutes on CD. Prices are $6 / each which includes postage (orders outside U.S. require extra postage). Quality guaranteed - simply contact us for a replacement. Order by phone: 309-698-9467 or email:

Introduction to Messianic Faith

Explains in clear, simple language how Messianic Faith differs from mainstream Christianity, without church-bashing. A good tool to introduce Christians to Torah.


A basement is the lowest room in a house, and that's the room Yeshua told us to take. In God's kingdom, the way up is down.

Atheist & Evolutionists

Exposes the foolishness of atheism and the theory of evolution.

Awakened But Not Converted

Many people experience a spiritual awakening and mistake it for spiritual rebirth. John writes about 3 results that follow genuine conversion.

Believing Into the Son

The Greek text of John 3:16 says we have to believe "into" the Son, not just "in" Him, to have eternal life.

Biblical Literacy

In the past, even unbelievers were expected to be familiar with the Bible. Comments and quotes to inspire and motivate you to search the Scriptures.

By Faith . . .

Discusses what faith is and how it comes. Heroes of faith in Hebrews 11

The Chariots of Israel & The Horsemen Thereof

The importance of trusting in the primitive power of the Holy Ghost for ministry more than on technology.

Charisma, Ecstasy, Mysticism and Trance

Experiences induced by carnal imaginations or demons should be shunned, but Holy Spirit-inspired experiences should be desired, not feared.

The Coming Polarization

Christians need to decide whether the Messianic awakening is of God or of the Devil, and join us or oppose us.

Consequences of Compromise

The serpent did not deny what God said; he only said God did not mean it. Eve and others learn the hard way.

Country of the Blind

A story of a sighted man among blind people in a remote village where the knowledge of sight has been forgotten. His frustration mirrors the frustration we experience with the spiritually blind.

The Crusaders' Cry

Their war cry was "Deus volt!" ("God wills it!"). Important lessons we can learn from their atrocities.

The Doctrine of Balaam

Balaam, mentioned three times in the NT, is typical of false prophets in general.

Drowsiness and Spiritual Myopia

Get lazy, and you may become focused on only one aspect of the faith and lose sight of the big picture.

Exile & Return; Ruth & Orpah

Two teachings on one CD. Every disciple is a Ruth or an Orpah.

Fasting: A Powerful But Seldomly-Used Weapon

Spiritual benefits and practical guidelines for fasting.

God's Desire to Dwell in Man

God's desire to dwell in man is expressed in the Tabernacle, Temple, and Body of Messiah.


The Maccabees' refusal to cave in to peer pressure is an inspiration to us to "be not conformed to the world."

Heaven and Rewards

Some will have more rewards than others. Our deeds in this life determine our lot for all eternity.

A Hot Furnace, A Cool Chimney

A red-hot, zealous fire must burn in our heart, but we must not lose our cool.

If You Live it, They Will Come

People don't come to church because it's boring and full of hypocrites. Only a Biblical life is a credible testimony.

Isaac the Well Digger

Isaac re-opened Abraham's wells after Philistines filled them with earth. As we re-establish Sabbath and Feasts, they become a source of spiritual water.


Joshua & Caleb: Men of Destiny & Determination

Why did these two men have more faith and courage than their peers, and how can we get that faith & courage?

King Josiah

The most righteous king Judah ever had; also the most "intolerant." Torah was rediscovered during his rein.

Lessons from Lepers

What leprosy does to the body, sin does to the soul. Cleansing of lepers mirrors cleansing of sinners' hearts.

The Manifested Presence: Divine Dissatisfaction Without it

"If Thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence." (Moses) "In They presence is fulness of joy." (David)

Mantra of the Messianic Movement: Matthew 5:17-19

The verses that most clearly and indisputably affirm that Torah is for followers of Jesus.

Noah's Ark or the Tower of Babel: Which Are You Building?

If you are not helping build communities of sanity in this mad world, then you are by default building Babylon.

Parable of the Wilting Sukkah

What happens to the sukkah in a week is what happens to our mortal body.

Prerequisites For Understanding Paul

"I speak to them that know the law," Paul said. If you don't know God's law, you can misunderstand Paul's epistles.


The only hope for our nation in this generation is another great awakening.


Some unique things about the 4th Commandment, and the importance of attending a holy convocation.

Shabbat HaGadol & The Spirit of Elijah

Today's Messianic Movement and return to Torah is connected to the spirit and power of Elijah.

Shabbat Shuvah and 9-11

After the 9-11 terrorist attack, Americans woke up, but then hit the snooze alarm. America needs to wake up.

The Ten Spies, the Sabbath-Breaker & the Fringe of Blue

All 3 in the same Torah portion, and are all related. The fringe was commanded after the Sabbath was broken after the 10 spies caused the milk-and-honey plan to be postponed for 40 years.

Three-D Disciples

Devotion, Diligence and Discipline will transport you from a flat, 2-D existence to a solid, 3-D life of discipleship.

Two Trees (Jeremiah 17)

One tree barren and parched, the other thriving and bearing fruit. One trusts in man, the other in God. Which are you?

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