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GOE Messianic Outreach Center

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GOE LOCAL OUTREACH. The building houses the GOE office and mailing room, an upstairs apartment to house GOE staff workers, another upstairs apartment to temporarily house out-of-town guests who come to visit us, and a large room on the ground floor that serves as the GOE Messianic Outreach Center.

     The outreach center has tables and chairs, free coffee and tea, and free literature. It also has books, original artwork, and Israeli imports that can be purchased.

     The outreach center is open regular hours during the week to serve as a place where lost sinners can hear the gospel and Bible believers can find fellowship. A prayer meeting is held each day an hour before opening. Click here for current events.

     The outreach center is also used for midweek meetings and for special events that are open to the public. It is also available for private events like baby showers, wedding showers, business meetings, parties, etc. Visit our Local Events Page

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Your donations help fund the maintenance of the GOE headquarters, a commercial building located at a very busy intersection.

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