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Gates of Eden Archived Articles

Index of Past GOE Articles
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The articles below that are downloadable are only those written by Daniel Botkin and published in GOE Volumes 1 - 12 beginning in 1995.

The Index below is a list of articles by title published in GOE magazine authored by Daniel Botkin and other authors which he reprinted by permission. If you wish to order copies of any of these articles, include the full title and the numbers following the title. Example: "Aaron's Rod 14-5"  Click here to email Daniel Botkin your request. Donations to help cover costs of postage and photocopying are appreciated.


Aaron's Rod 14-5

Abraham & Lot: A Contrast 7-3

ABCs of Creation (Mozeson) 6-4

Abomination of Homosexuality 13-2/21-5

Absolute Necessity of Repentance Special Edition, 9/11/01

Adopting, Taking Hold Of, & Clinging to False Sabbaths 29-3

Adoption 1-1

Adversus Simplicity (Ryan Van Tress) 19-5

Affluenza (Jonathan Brown)17-3

Afterglow is Fading, 14-3

"Allah Achbar" Means What? (Ed Spurlin) 8-6

Alienation From God 29-3

Although...Yet... 16-4

Amazing Grace/Amusing Grace 27-3

And they call these kids mentally retarded? (Jewish Press) 6-5

ANE Excuse: A Convenient Loophole & A Slippery Slope 29-1

Angel of the Lord (D. Ward) 8-3

Announcement of my Resignation 13-6

Anointed Ones 11-6

Anti-missionaries 5-4

Antinomianism 4-6/12-5

Apocalypse Now (Joshua Davis) 10-4

Apostasy 16-6

Appeal to Churches to Abandon the Word Easter 5-2

Archaeological and Historical Origins of the Sacred Name (Knuth) 15-4

Architect (a parable) 3-4

"Ariel, Ariel!" 19-1

Army of Locusts 7-6/17-5/29-7

Arrows of Ephraim 11-1

Artists as Modern Day Prophets 27-6

Artist's Role in Society From an Etymological-Hebraic Perspective 10-5

At the City Gate (Teresa Botkin) 29-5

Artist's Signature 17-1

...As Christ Also Loved the Church 26-3

Atheists and Evolutionists 15-3

Attack Against God-Ordained Binary Gender Distinctions 27-3

Aura of the OT (A. Mansager) 3-4

Autumn Sunshine 6-6

A.W. Tozer on Our Need Today 24-2



Backslider in Heart (Finney) 21-1

Bad Choices 29-6

Balaam: The Way, the Error, & the Doctrine of 26-4

Balance of Spirit & Truth 8-5

Baptism 4-4

Baptist Church Transitions to Messianic Fellowship 27-3

Basement, A 17-6

BaShaCh: The Gospel, Apostolic Writings and the Revelation (Andrew Eades) 24-6

Basis of the Second Coming of Messiah (Arnold Fruchtenbaum) 10-3

Battle For the Sabbath at Geneva 29-6

Beads on a Branch (Teresa Botkin) 27-6

Beaten By the Beatitudes 18-5

Beauty of God (Teresa Botkin) 28-3

Becoming (Teresa Botkin) 26-3

Becoming Beautiful (Teresa Botkin) 24-5

Bede Bashing by Facebook Buddies 25-2

Bede's Account of Calendar Controversy: Nothing New Under the Sun 25-2

Before the Dawn (Israel Zolli) 7-6

Beged Ivri: Hebrew Garments (Reuven Prager) 24-6

Behold the Lamb of God 12-2

Beholding the Brass Serpent 8-6

Being an Israelite in Deed 26-3

Believer and God's Law, The 23-3

Believing in Yeshua to be Saved: Necessary or Optional for Jews 12-5

Bell and A Pomegranate (George D. Watson) 11-1

Be Mindful Of Bemidbar 23-3

Bent to Backsliding 7-5

Bewhiskered Believer Bewildered by Beard-Hating Brethren 17-2

Be Ye Uncommon! (Eades) 12-6 

Beyond Boredom 14-1

Bible Buyers Beware 6-6

Biblical Literacy in America, Past & Present 16-6

Biblical Norm vs. The Rare Exception to the Rule 20-4

Billboard Messages from God 13-4

Binding & Loosing 6-3

Black-White Racial Relations In America 21-4

Blessed Virgin 2-6

Blessing and the Curse of Independent Thinking, The 13-5/24-6

Blessing of Prophecy 7-3

Blind Mother (anon.) 7-3

Blind Receive Their Sight (Lynn Langan) 7-1

Blowing of the Shofar 6-5

Bob Dylan's Jesus Years, film review (Mike Miller) 15-3

Book of Books, The 27-6

Book of Judges, Introduction 8-2

Book of Judges: Othniel 8-2

Book of Judges: Ehud 8-3

Book of Judges: Shamgar 8-4

Book of Judges: Deborah, Barak, & Yael 8-5

Book of Judges: Gideon 8-6

Book of Judges: Abimelech 9-1

Book of Judges: Jephthah 9-2

Book of Judges: Samson 9-3

Book of Judges: Micah 9-4

Book of Judges: The Levite 9-5

Booth Building 3-5

Bouquet For Those Who Grieve (Teresa Botkin) 22-5

Born Blind 16-2

Born of Woman, Born of Man (Bill Britton) 7-1

Boundaries, The Raging Sea, and Leviathan 11-1

Brief History of Islam 29-7

Bringing Every Thought Into Captivity 30-1

Broken Down City Without Walls, A (David Wilkerson) 23-1

Broken to Beautiful (Teresa Botkin) 27-3

Buds, Blooms, & His Breath (Teresa Botkin) 26-5

Burial, Part of the Gospel 10-2

Buried Serpent (poem) 21-6

But If Not: The Miracle of Dunkirk 19-4

"But Noah..." 23-1

Buttercup Botkin (obituary) 29-2

By Many Or By Few 18-3



Call to Dedication (Art Cox) 6-2

Calvinism & Arminianism 6-5

Can a Believer Be Possessed By a Demon? 26-4

Can Sabbath Be Kept Any Day of the Week? 3-3

Captive In Iran, Maryam & Marziyeh (book review, Teresa Botkin) 19-4

Caterpillar in My Garden (Teresa Botkin) 29-4

Cause and Effect and the Myth of Unconditional Love 12-4

Challenge to Congregations (Keil Cooper) 8-2

Chalutsim: A Call to Repentance, Revival, & Rebuilding 2-5

Changeless One and the Changing Ones 13-1

Changing Times (Dan. 7:25) 27-6

Charisma, Ecstasy, Mysticism, & Trance 13-1/26-4

Charles Finney On Being Filled With the Spirit 19-3

Charles Finney on Division: When it is a Good Thing 10-5

Chez Everett's Top Secret Recipe for Sodden Pottage 27-1

Chislev, Chanukkah, & Christmas 6-6

Christ Our Hiding Place (W. Arcel) 26-5

Christians, Believers, or Disciples? 14-5

Christian, Where Are You? (Jim Russell) 9-6

Christianity's Theological Paradigm Shift 5-4

Christians Keeping OT Commandments? Not a Yes/No Question; a Question of Which Ones 11-4/25-2

Christmas, Hanukkah, or Humbug? 1-4/12-6

The Christmas Question 29-6

Churchmen Versus the Sabbath (Romans 14) (H. & D. Kupp) 1-3

Church's Fight Against Abortion (compiled) 5-1

"Church" Versus Ekklesia 14-1

Clean and Unclean Animals (Heslop) 13-3

Cleavage 11-1

Climbing Jacob's Ladder 23-2

Cold & A Broken Hallelujah (Ps. 51): A Painting by Daniel Botkin 29-5

Come To The Table (Teresa Botkin) 24-6

Coming Out of Egypt and Going to the Promised Land (Cox) 16-2

Coming Polarization 16-6

Commandments of Torah: Bluffing or Blessing? 5-1

Comments On the Connecticut Catastrophe 19-1

Compromise 14-2

Compromise: Nipping in the Bud 15-6

Concerning Spiritual Gifts (John Robinson) 27-4

Congregational Life 15-2

Contrasting Imagery in the Closing of the Sermon on the Mount 15-5

Conversations and Violets (Teresa Botkin) 21-4

Corners of the Head (Darrell Whitfield) 3-5

Cosmic Jewish Zombie, or Risen Lord of Glory? 18-1

Costa Rica Report (Emily Botkin) 23-2

Coughing Clerk 29-6

Covet to Prophesy 22-2

Crazy Quilts, Wrens, & Gardens (Teresa Botkin) 28-6

Crisis in the Garden: The Rescue (Teresa Botkin) 25-2

Cross is the Key (Asher Intrater) 8-4

Crossing Over, Part 1: The Call 11-2

Crossing Over, Part 2: Terrorizing the Enemy 11-3

Crossing Over, Part 3 11-4

Crossing Over, Part 4 11-5

Crossing Over, Part 5 11-6

Crossing Over, Part 6 12-1

Crossing Over, Part 7 12-2

Crossing Over, Part 8 12-3

Crucible 10-2

Crucifixion, The: Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday? Or Is It Ambiguous? 25-5

Crusaders' War Cry "Deus Volt!" 18-1

Crusades (Rick Chamberlin) 5-6

Crystal: Bright But Brittle (G.K Chesterton) 20-6

Curse & the Cure, The 24-5



Dancing Lips, a Testimony of Holy Spirit Baptism (Betsy Botkin) 8-5 (and 22-6)

Danger of Independence 6-2

Daniel 7:25 (change time & laws) 6-2

Darwin's Colossal Fraud (Kenneth Ryland) 19-1

Daughters of Sarah 18-1

David's Mighty Men 24-4

Dead Doves Don't Fly 12-3

Dear God, If love is not rude... (Julianne Patton) 7-6

Debauching of the Messianic Movement 10-5

Deceitfulness & Desperate Wickedness of the Human Heart 11-3

Decline and Restoration of Spiritual Truth 10-4

Deity of Yeshua (From the New Testament Perspective & From the Jewish Perspective) 18-5

Demonization and Witchcraft 19-2

Departing from God's Law 16-3

Destined for Stardom 13-5

Did the Church Begin at Pentecost? (Cox) 14-4

Dino Dan and the Dope Debate 26-2

Diplomatic Immunity: Its Significance For Us 19-2

Directions For Singing (Wesley) 16-4

Directions to Sinners (Finney) 14-6

Disciple's Journey (Cox) 16-3

Divine Nature of the Virgin-Born Messiah (Daniel Goldberg) 19-6

Divine Presence: Omnipresence & Manifested Presence 27-3

Divorce & Remarriage 6-1

Doer of the Wor __ 29-2

Don't Be Numb To Numbers 23-3

Doves in a Garden 25-5

Drawing Near to God 15-1

Dreams & Visions 7-4

Drought in the Garden: Mary's Song (Teresa Botkin) 28-1

Drowsiness and Myopia 13-5

Duality of the Universe: The Two Planes of Man's Existence 9-2

Dull Genealogies 1-4

Dying Church (Michael Boldea) 19-6


Each One a Life (Monica Vest Wheeler) 24-3 

Eagles or Chickens 18-2

Earth Shined With His Glory (Bill Britton) 9-2

Easter/Passover Shadows and Pictures (Joel Hamby) 10-2

Effects of Historic, Religious, & Linguistic Changes on English Bible Translation 6-6

Ekklesia (Green) 14-1

El, a Name of God (Wurmbrand) 11-5

Email, Snailmail, & the Internet 7-4

Emmanuel - God With Us (Mike Miller) 7-4

Enamored of Enoch 26-2

End of the Law, The (Rom. 10-4) 4-1/13-3/24-5

End of a Season (Teresa Botkin) 29-6

Entitlement 18-6

Ephraim: Three-Fold Fate of Ephraim 19-4

Ephraim: A Cake Not Turned 19-4

Ephraim: Counting the Torah As a Strange Thing 21-3

Ephraim: A Deceitful Bow, Bent to Backsliding 21-1

Ephraim: Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge 19-4

Ephraim: Gathered Up By Egypt, Buried By Memphis, Their Glory Flown Away 20-3

Ephraim: His Strength Devoured By Strangers, His Hair Turning Gray 21-1

Ephraim: Infected With the Spirit of Whoredoms 19-6

Ephraim: Joined to Idols 19-4

Ephraim: A Silly Dove/Stupidity: Its Cause & Its Cure 19-5

Ephraim: Their Treachery and Their Begetting of Strange Children 20-4

Ephraim: Vessel Wherein Is No Pleasure, A Wild Ass Alone By Himself 21-2

Ever Burning Fire on the Altar 27-2

Exaggeration & Embellishment 30-2

Except the Lord Build the House 3-4

Excluding Children With Disabilities 25-4

Ex-Fatah Fighter Asks Forgiveness (Abu-Saada) 12-2

Exile and Return 15-3

Exposing Uncleanness & Weighing the Spirits 26-3

Expressing Emotions in Worship 11-4

Extra-Biblical History: Its Benefits and Its Limitations 18-3

Extra-Biblical Traditions & Historical Writings: How Should They Affect Our Understanding of Scriptures? 11-6

Extra-Sensory Intuition 16-3

Eyeglasses 6-1

Eye of the Lord 13-1



Famine & Four Lepers 4-3

Fasting For Spiritual & Physical Benefits 21-6 

Fear of Failure 3-5

Fear of the Lord 15-2

Feast of Shavuot 2-3/7-3

Feast of Unleavened Bread 8-2

(The) Feast: What Shall We Call it? 15-5

Feathers, Petals, & Songs (Teresa Botkin) 21-5

Feminizing of the Faith 21-1

Fifty-Question Quiz for Passover 14-2/30-2

Final Exam Time 8-3

Finding Broken Sea Glass (Teresa Botkin) 26-4

Finding Butterfly Wings (Teresa Botkin) 26-2

Finding God's Plan For Your Life 22-3

Finding Sunshine: A Garden Surprise (Teresa Botkin) 21-6

Finding the Promiser (Teresa Botkin) 25-3

Finney on Division: When it is a Good Thing (Charles Finney) 10-5

Fire, The Water, & the Desert 11-2

First Things First 20-4

Flat Earth, A Doctrine of Demons? 28-3

Flat-Nosed Followers... (Heslop) 13-1

Flaws of Father Abraham, The 24-6

Flow of the Holy Spirit 27-5

Focus of Our Faith 29-5

Food For Thought (Mozeson) 3-6

Following in the Footsteps of Our Father Abraham 12-1

Forbidden Honey 12-1

Forty Exciting Days 22-3

Forbid Not to Speak With Tongues 22-2

For Such A Time As This 21-4

Four Pillars of the Faith (John Robinson) 25-6

Four Responses at the Red Sea 18-2

Four Species For Sukkot (Or Is It Five?) 21-5

Fowls of the Air & Lilies of the Field 11-2

Foxy Prophets and Whitewashed Walls 14-3

Fragrance From the Garden (Teresa Botkin) 21-3

Frayed Hem: Transformation (Teresa Botkin) 27-2

Freedom of the Seas (C. Troutman) 27-4

Fresh Revelation For Shavuot 25-4

Friendship 9-1

From the Beginning (Mozeson) 5-5

From Deep Within Flows a Sacrifice of Praise (Teresa Botkin) 27-4

From Passover to Pentecost 21-3

From a Speechless Child: A Revelation Concerning Prayer 29-6

Fruit of the Spirit: Love 4-6

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy 4-6

Fruit of the Spirit: Peace 4-6

Fruit of the Spirit: Longsuffering 5-1

Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness 5-1

Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness 5-1

Fruit of the Spirit: Faith 5-2

Fruit of the Spirit: Meekness 5-2

Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control 5-2

Further Evidence That Saturday is the 7th Day of the Week 9-3



Galatians 4 & the Sabbath 1-4

Gambling: Sinful or Just Stupid? 15-4

Ganderites, The 28-6

Garden of God (Bill Britton) 11-2

Generosity 6-5

Genesis Chapters 1-11: Fact or Fiction? Does it Matter? 28-6

Gentiles or Israel? 11-1

Gentle Spirit (George D. Watson) 17-1

Getting in Tune With God (Kevin Meador) 10-1

Glossolalia: Speaking in Tongues 4-5

God & the World of Tones (Herb Bluttman) 2-6

God Does Not Need Our Prayers 27-4

God Is Pro-Choice 18-3

God, Not Gods (Philologos) 25-5

God's Appointed Times 14-2

God's Dietary Laws: Abolished in the New Testament? 3-6

God's Friendship (Watson) 13-2

God's Misguided People 4-1

God's Ways and Thoughts 7-1

Going Down to Egypt 12-6

Going Slow With God (G.D. Watson)  11-4

Golden Bowls of Prayers (Teresa Botkin) 22-3

Gold Shields of Solomon and the Brass Shields of Rehoboam 12-4 11-4

Good Doctrine 19-5

Good Lord Pardon Every One 6-3

Goodness and the Severity of God 17-4

Gospel According to Moses (W.G. Heslop) 19-2

Gospel and the Jewish People (Evangelical Statement) 14-4

Gospel of John movie review 10-5

Gospel, The: Something To Be Obeyed 26-2

Grace From the Heart Rather Than the Head (Bounds) 16-3

Gratitude and Thanksgiving 12-5

Great Grace Was Upon Them All (John Robinson) 11-1

Grimm's Laws (Mozeson) 3-5

Guardian Angel: What You Must Know About God's Design for Women, Skip Moen (book review) 20-1

Guardians of the Sacred Fire (short fiction story) 2-3



Hamas 7-4/20-5/29-7

Happy is the People Whose God is Yahweh 16-5

Hard Rain on a Slow Train (John Whitehead) 4-1

Harness of the Lord (Bill Britton; condensed) 1-3/28-4

Harping On the Sabbath 25-3

Harvest With Little To Harvest (Hillel Halkin) 20-5

Have You Tasted My Jesus? (Jan Spencer) 9-1

Having a Form of Godliness, but Denying its Power (Ed Spurlin) 18-3

Head Coverings Testimony (anon.) 4-4

Head Coverings on Praying Men: Necessary, Wrong, or Optional? 9-4

Heady Days of Dreamers and Devils 16-6

Healing: Faith or Medicine? (John Conrad) 20-3

Heart of a Nazirite (Cox) 16-4

Heart to Pray & A Mind to Work: Inspiration & Instruction From Ezra & Nehemiah 19-5 - 23-1

Heavenly Calling, The: Your Best Days Ahead Pursuing God's Great Purpose (David Wilkerson) 25-2

Heavenly Father's Motherly Love 5-3

Heavens Declare the Glory of God (Miller) 15-6

Hebrew Animal Names (Mozeson) 5-2

Hebrew Heritage of the New Testament (A. Mansager) 3-5

Hebrew Names to English Words (Mozeson) 4-6

Hebrew Poetry and Prophetic Inspiration 15-6

Hebrew Word Study, Shabbat 26-4

He Finally Came to Church (Country Church Bulletin) 5-2

Hellenization or Hannukization 17-6

Hellfire 7-4

Helix, the Pollex, & the Hallux 14-6

Helping Christians Transition With Faith Affirming Care 30-1

"He Made Me Do It" 25-3

Herman Melville's Billy Budd 16-3

He With Whom We Have to Do 24-5

Hezekiah's Passover Revival 12-2

Hineh Mah Tov, Behold How Good 5-4

Hineni: Behold, Here Am I 23-4

Hitler's Theologians (Meyer) 13-4

Holidays of God (M. DeHaan) 3-2

Holiness 15-4

Holy and Happy 14-5

Holy Convocation: A Divine Imperative 9-3/26-6

Holy Epistle to the Galatians: Sermons on a Messianic Jewish Approach, D. Thomas Lancaster (book review) 17-5

Home (Shoshanna Botkin) 7-5

Homespun Wisdom "Loosing Wait" 15-6

Homophobic? Transphobic? Not Me! 28-3

"Honey, I Shrunk the Scriptures" 1-2/6-4

Horseradish: And Other Items on the Seder Plate 20-2

Hot Furnace & a Cool Chimney 28-1

How General Pershing Fought Islamic Terror (V. Jones) 29-7

How NOT to Use Strong's Concordance 28-3

How the Oral Torah Works 28-6

How Saved Are You? 14-3

How Yeshua Became Yeshu 21-4

Hymns: The Stories Behind 19-4



"If I Forget Thee, O New Jerusalem..." 26-2

"If...Then..." Using Our God-Given Common Sense To Think Things Through 20-2

If You Are Ever Taken Hostage By Muslims... 29-7

If You Want Your Dream to Be (Ray) 16-6

I Had/Have a Dream, 8-1

I Know Whom I Have Believed 8-4

Immigrants & Immigration 22-1

Importance and Power of Kindness 15-6

Importance of Congregational Life 3-1/8-1

Importance of Prepping 29-2

Importance of Studying Hebrew 4-2

I'm Still Here...Why? 23-2

In Defence of Paul 6-2

Inspiration & Organization of the Scriptures 25-1

Inspiration Via Cupcakes (Chase Ray) 17-4

Interview With an Anti-Semite (DB' neighbor Matt Hale) 5-5

Interview With Hillel Halkin 18-6

Instructing Young Converts (Finney) 12-5

Interruption Becomes a Blessing, An (Teresa Botkin) 24-3

Interview With the Artist DB 8-1

Invasion of Islam, Special Edition 9/11/01

In Your Beginning 24-1

I Pledge Allegiance 12-3

Isaiah 58: Yom Kippur 12-5

Is He Lord of Your Calander? 13-3

Is God Good? (Mozeson) 4-3

Isolation or Evangelism? 5-6

Israel: Empowered by the Spirit (book review) 15-5

Israel of God, The 24-1

Israel's Current War With Hamas 29-7

Is Saturday Really the 7th Day? 8-6

Is the Name "Jesus" Pagan? (John McKee) 7-3

Is the Oral Torah Binding? (Dan Levine) 6-4

Is the Star of David Kosher?(Rick Chaimberlin) 4-3/13-1

Is Your Life Amazing, or Just a Maze? 27-3

"It Appertaineth Not Unto Thee" 25-6

It's a Whole New Paradigm 13-4

"It Is Finished" 22-2



Jethro Model 16-1

Jewels & Binoculars: In the Footsteps of Bob Dylan 18-4

Jewish But Not Jews 10-5

Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ (book review) 19-1

Jewitchery 9-6

Jews & Abraham Lincoln (Rick Chaimberlin) 6-1

John Wesley Distressed 21-5

Jonah & the Joy of Salvation 28-5

Joshua & Caleb: Men of Destiny & Determination 17-5

Joy of Living Water & the Danger of Broken Cisterns 9-6

Judge Righteous Judgment 5-2

Judiazer (Walter Arcel) 20-3

Jumping to Conclusions 18-2

Just Another Abortion 3-1

Just Enough Hebrew to Be Dangerous 19-3

Just One Night In A Bad Motel 21-5

Just Shall Live By Faith (Hab. 2:4) 8-5



Kedoshim 25-3

Keeping the Sabbath & Keeping Your Job (employees' legal rights) 5-1

Keeping the Sabbath: Faith or Superstition? 6-2

Kindness to Animals 15-6

Kingdom of Heaven is Like Unto Leaven 13-2

King James Version 14-3/17-4

Kinzer's Book, Post-Missionary MJ 13-4

Knowing God 15-1

Knowing the Will of God 2-4



Lame Excuses 16-1

Lamentations of Jeremiah 8-4

Lashon Hara & To'Elet (Diffenderfer) 15-2

Last Supper: Passover, Or A Pre-Passover Meal? 21-2

Law of God Before Sinai 15-5

Laying Hold of Destiny 11-5

Layman's Thoughts on Creation (Herb Bluttman) 2-2

Lazarus, Martha, & Mary of Bethany 16-4

Leadership: Fulfillment of Calling Or Betrayal of Trust (Bro. Anon.) 11-6

Leah and Rachel 25-5

Leaven of Apathy 13-3

Leaven of the Pharisees (Mark Guy Pearce) 18-2

Leaving the 99 28-1

"Left Behind" 7-1

Left Behind, Things that Should Be 16-3

Legacy of Achan 16-6

"Legalism!" 5-4

Legalist, the Liberal, and the Faithful Disciple 10-3

Leonardo's Face of Jesus 4-3

Leprosy in a House 6-4

Lesson from the Exodus 12-2

Let Not... 29-2

Letter of Rejection to Paul (J. Flavius Fluffyhead; satire) 1-4

Letting God be God 12-6

Letting the Devil Redefine Words & Symbols 24-1

Life Apart (film review) 5-4

Lifeboats (a parable) 5-3

Light That is Darkness 23-1

Limiting the Holy One of Israel 26-2

"Limbo" Declared to be Non-Existent 12-2

Linguistic Superstition & the Sacred Name Movement 21-4

Little French-Fry Eater Saves Unborn Baby (Sherry Bushnell) 21-1

Liturgical Worship 4-2

Living By Faith in Times of Economic Uncertainty 15-2

Living in the Place of Blessing 4-3

Living Like Soldiers & Athletes in Times of Apostasy 12-6

Living Sacrifice 6-4

Long Term Effect of Homeschooling (Weinberger) 15-1

Looking for the Perfect Church? (Osterhus) 8-1

Look What's Missing, David W. Daniels (book review) 17-4

Loosing Wait (V. Hunkapillar) 15-6

Lord's Day (Rev. 1:10) 2-6

Lord's Working With Us: Raising Our Expectations 19-2

Lost In Transmission: A Parable For Better Understanding God's Covenants and Redemptive Agenda (Michael Millier) 24-3

Love of God and the Glory of Divine Revelation 18-6

Love of Money 5-2

Loving One Another 6-6



Mainline Christian Scholars Beginning to Promote the Torah of Moses 21-6

Magic Squares, 666, & The Mark of The Beast 6-2

Makeover Challenge: A Testimony From Teresa Botkin 19-2

Making Disciples 14-5

Making Sense of Biblical Slavery (D. Wilber) 26-5

Man and the Maid (poem, Brayden Waller) 19-5

Manifestation of the Son of God 10-1

Manna 17-2

Manna From Prayers (Teresa Botkin) 24-4

Manna in a Desert (Teresa Botkin) 25-4

Mantle of Elijah, 4-4

Mantra of the Messianic Movement 15-4

Mark of the Faithful Remnant, The 24-3

Mary, Mother of Messiah 27-6

Master's Hands, The & The Open Gate (Teresa Botkin) 26-1

Matter of Modesty (J. Dager) 8-5

Maturing & Overcoming 19-1

Matzah 3-2/13-2

Matzo: More Than Hebrew Fast Food (Mozeson) 4-2

Me and My Cousin Jack 16-2

Meaning of the Woman's Veil (M. Lamm) 5-6

Meditation, God's Medication (regina Gray) 9-5

Meditations On His Mercy (Teresa Botkin) 23-4

Mega-Churches and Messianic Congregations 14-6

Men & Women, Husbands & Wives 13-2

Menorah 5-6

Messiah Our City of Refuge 7-4

Messiah's Hebrew Name: "Yeshua" or "Yahshua"? 5-5

Messianic Expectations & the Year 2000 1-2

Messianic Manifesto (Todd Sundell) 9-4

Messianic Methodists 3-6

Messianic Mirror (Feast chart) 8-2

Methodist Preacher Dance (Peter Cartwright) 5-6

Michaelangelo, Savonarola, and Kabbalistic Secrets in the Sistene Chapel 15-1

Micro-evolution and Macro-evolution (Martin) 12-3

Midrash 18-6

Mind of Christ (S. Davis) 8-4

Mind Under the Blood (Griffin) 14-2

Minimal Pairs: How They Bear Witness to the Seventh Day 19-2

Ministers of Righteousness (Ernest Ben Dorantes) 7-5

Miraculous Healing, Part 1 (Tim Kelley) 27-1

Miraculous Healing, Part 2 (Tim Kelley) 27-2

Mirror of the Martyrs 7-4

Mixed Feelings About Fun 25-1

Mixt Multitudes 12-3

Modern Worship's Missing Link (A. Mansager) 3-3

Morality & Mortality 20-5

Mortality of Man 16-1

Much Time Should Be Given to Prayer (Bounds) 13-1

Musical Bible Translation 9-5

My 40-Year High School Reunion 13-6

My Heavenly Friend (Mueller) 13-2

My Own Version of You 28-5

My Political Pilgrimage 27-2

My Sermon on the Page: Think Not That I Am Come To Destroy Paul 19-5

My Sister Janie (short story) 18-1

Mysterious Mr. K 3-3/13-4

Mystery In The Deepest Well (Teresa Botkin) 22-6

Mystery of God Finished 29-4

Mystery of the Closed Mem 1-2/9-3



Nahums (Allsbrook) 12-6

Name of God: I Am That I Am 17-2

Names of the Twelve Patriarchs (Watson) 15-4

Naming of Jacob's 12 Sons 7-5/18-4

Nasalization (Mozeson) 3-4

National Punctuation Day 14-5

"Nations" (Don Sewing) 8-2

Necessity of Non-Punitive Suffering 21-2

Need for a Pentecostal Pentateuchal Revival 14-6

Need for Smiths in Israel 17-6

Nehemiah & The Feast of Tabernacles 3-5/13-5

New Day Dawns (Teresa Botkin) 22-2

New Zealand Report 22-3

1948 Restoration of Israel: Of God or Of Man? 29-7

Nitzotz 15-6

Noachides 3-4

No Greater Love (anon.) 7-2

Not Many Fathers (C.P. Schmitt) 9-3

Not Under the Law, Kent & Jodi Smith (book review) 22-2

Nothing New Under the Sun (Y. Qavah) 27-5

Notzrim & Jews (Ben Cohen) 6-3



Obsolete Religious Tracts & the Church's Moral Decline 2-4/8-4

OCD & Autistic Traits In the Godhead? 26-2

October 31 & December 25 21-1

On My Deathbed: A Dream 30-1

One Body, One Faith 5-2/14-1

One Destiny (Asch) 14-5

One-Eyed Religions 11-6

One Holy Passion (Carol Hubbard; excerpt) 3-3

Opinions of Men Versus the Word of God (compiled) 4-5

Oral Torah According to Moses (Walter Lieber) 8-1

Oral Torah: That Which is of Man and That Which is of God 9-5

Ostracon (a dream & poem) 2-1

O Taste and See! 17-3

O That Women Would Wax Prophetic! (Chase Ray) 25-3

Our Call to Good Works and the Peril of Spiritual Laziness 9-3

Our Dependence on God (George D. Watson) 12-1

Our Need For Another Nation-Wide Spiritual Revival 22-5

Our Own God (G.D. Watson) 11-6

Our Thoughts & Our Thinking: A Major Hindrance to Spiritual Growth 25-6

Our Treatment of People 28-2

Our Tri-Fold Salvation 18-5

Outline of Abominations 13-2

Outreach Center Report (Chase Ray) 18-1

Outward Appearance of God's People: Does it Matter? 3-5/16-5

Overturning Tables 17-5

Ox Knoweth His Owner (Sabbath Sentinel) 5-4



Pants on Women 8-5

Papal Infallibility? 27-1

Parable of a Church Building 29-3

Parable of Hidden Leaven 28-2

Parable of True Riches (Bill Britton) 1-2

Parallel of Feasts With Pregnancy (Dennis Kananen) 8-2

Paralyzing Power of Fear 13-3

Passing Through the Valley of Baca (Katherine Miles) 8-1

Passion and Zeal 4-6

"Passion" Banned in San Francisco, New York, Cincinnati, Louisville 10-2

Passover's Key Terms (Mozeson) 3-2

Passover: A Time For Separating Hebrews From Egyptians 23-2

Path Of Remembrance, The (Teresa Botkin) 23-1

Patriarchy (Michael Millier) 23-4

Paul's Prayer Life 29-6

Paul and Silas in Prison 14-6

Pearl of Great Price 4-6

Peer Pressure 26-3

Pen Of Iron (book review) 

People and Husbandry (Jn. Robinson) 11-3

Perfect Peace & Fullness of Joy 26-4

Peril and Prayer (Walter Arcel, FH) 16-5

Perverting of Paul's Epistles 17-2

Peter Cartwright's "Methodist Preacher Dance" 24-5

Peter Rabbit Garden (Teresa Botkin) 28-4

Peter's Shadow (Bill Britton) 8-6

Pharaoh COVID 26-3

Pharoah Making You Work On Sabbath? 12-1

Philosophy of Morality (Martin) 12-4

Phinehas Ben Zadok (excerpts) 2-1

Phoenicians (Wurmbrand) 15-4

Pioneers & Settlers (anon.) 2-5

Plan B and American Moral Indifference (Green) 12-5

Pleasing God 16-5

Potter and the Clay 11-5

Praise Him! (Heb. word study) 5-1

Praise Like a Garden (Teresa Botkin) 27-5

Prayer 12-3

Prayer and Obedience (E.M. Bounds) 24-5

Prayer As Incense 10-2

Prayer is the Keynote (E.M. Bounds) 26-3

Prayer Meetings (Finney) 12-4

Pre-Adamic World 11-2

Precious Blood, The (Ian Michaels) 28-2

Preeminence of Yeshua 12-6

Preparation for Passover: Purging Out the Leaven of Pride 19-2 

Preparing the Way of the Lord 14-6

Prerequisites For Being a Disciple 13-3

Presence of the Lord 22-1

President Clinton & Judgment 5-2

Probation (John Robinson) 22-1

Process of Discipleship (Anon.) 14-2

Prodigal Sons 29-1

Promise of the Father (John Robinson) 17-3

Promise of Persecution 19-6

Prophesying to the Wind: Our Need For the Moving of the Spirit In The Messianic Community 24-3

Prophet Like Moses (compiled by Derek Prince) 8-2

Prophet (Leonard Ravenhill) 3-1

Prophetic Significance of Feast of Trumpets: Return of the Lord & Resurrection of the Dead? Or Something Else? 30-2

Prudishness & Legalism 21-5

Psalm 19: A Two-Fold Revelation of God 5-2/25-1

Psalm Of Arthur (Cox) 21-3

Psalm 119, Collaboration of Blake, Dali, DaVinci, & David, A Painting by Daniel Botkin 29-3

Psalm 119, The Measure of a Man, A Painting by Daniel Botkin 29-3

Psalm 119 Study Guide (A. Eades) 29-3

Purest Kind of Praise & Worship (Bob Briner) 9-2

Purim 3-2

Putting Away Childish Things (Sean Killian) 23-3



Q&A (born again) 26-2

Q&A (communion, rapture, fasting) 17-1

Q&A ('eth, rapture, iniquity of fathers) 17-3

Q&A (Gal. 4:10f; Rom. 14:5; Col. 2:16) 26-6

Q&A (heaven & earth temple) 25-6

Q&A (iniquity of fathers: Millier answer) 22-5

Q&A (Hebrews 9:10)

Q&A (Jesus=hail, Zeus?) 21-4

Q&A (last supper/passover) 11-2

Q&A (Matthew 5:32)

Q&A (Nazarite vow, Gentile Messianic) 23-1

Q&A (overturn tables, milk & meat, long hair, horned Moses) 17-5

Q&A (Sacred Name; Lunar Sabbath; Trinity) 27-2

Q&A (tattoos) 19-4

Q&A (temptations, corporeal punishment, Passover & circumcision, kosher meat) 23-3

Q&A (tithing) 12-1/29-5

Queer Story About the Oscars 12-2

Quest for God (Wurmbrand) 12-5

Question For Christians, A 29-4

Questions For Christians (T. Steele) 29-1

Quit Griping & Do Something 26-6



Rabbi Chil Slostowski, Testimont of 16-1

Rabbi's Deputy (a true story) (Hanoch Teller) 9-4

Rachel Elizabeth, a testimony (J. Patton) 7-2

Raising and Loosing of Lazarus 13-6

Reach for the Stars! (Bill Britton) 6-5

Reader's Hebrew Bible, Brown & Smith (book review) 22-4

Real Meaning of Messianic, The 26-4

Re-Assembling & Re-Erecting Dagon 11-5

Rebellion and Stubbornness: When They Are Right & When They Are Wrong 9-3

Rebellion is as the Sin of Witchcraft 4-5

Rebirth of a Dead Language: A Short History of Hebrew 28-3

Rebuilding the Temple (Walter Arcel) 20-6

Red Dragon (Wurmbrand) 11-6

Re-evaluating the Wisdom of Using Extra-Biblical Jewish Traditions for Messianic Worship 10-3

Rejoice in the Lord, Always (Teresa Botkin) 29-3

Relationships: Vertical & Horizontal, Divine & Human 26-5

Religious Labels: What Do We Call Ourselves? 4-3/13-3

Remembering & Forgetting 11-1

Remembering Mike Belsly 29-4

Renewal 17-2

Repentance Study Guide (A. Eades) 29-6

Repenting of Idols (Yochanan Qavah) 26-2

Resisting Temptation 14-4

Respecting Roman Catholics, Protesting Roman Catholicism 20-6

Response To "The Last Supper" Article 21-3

Rest Unto the Soul 13-1

Return of the King, The 26-1

Reverencing Our Husbands (Marmee) 2-4

Revised Circumcision, a testimony (A. Foster) 4-2

Revival is Not a Miracle (Finney) 12-1

Richard Wurmbrand: His Impact on My Life 7-2

Richard Wurmbrand Time Line (Voice of the Martyrs) 7-2

Right Attitude Toward Poverty (Wurmbrand) 15-3

Righteousness, Peace, & Joy in the Holy Ghost 12-6

Rock of Ages 10-6

"Rocking You to Sleep in the Sunlight" (Holocaust testimony; Jewish Press) 7-1

Roots of a Tree (Teresa Botkin) 21-1

Ruben the Redneck 19-3

Ruse of the Gibeonites, The 24-2



Sabbath Abolished (book review) 8-2/29-3

Sabbath Keeping in the Messianic Movement 20-3

Sabina Wurmbrand on Speaking in Tongues (her testimony) 7-2

Sacred Name Nonsense 25-6

Saint Francis of Assisi & the Baal Shem Tov, a comparison 5-4

Salem Witch Trials 4-5

Salvation From Sin 25-2

Saved But Miserable (David Wilkerson) 18-4

Sawdust & Splinters (Rick Erb) 19-6

"Schneerson Christ" or, My Last Saturday Night in Jerusalem 18-6

Scholars Who Study or Prophets Who Pray: Which Is Our Greater Need At This Time In The Messianic Community? 24-2

Science and the Bible (Wurmbrand) 12-3

Scriptures & the Power of God 7-2

Sea of Iniquity 10-2/19-2

Second Passover 29-2

Secret Sin of Internet Porn (Tom Dermody) 4-5

Secret Wonder Of Winter, The (Teresa Botkin) 23-2

Seed & Its Fruit, The 24-6

Seed Gifts, The (Teresa Botkin) 25-6

Sender of Strong Delusion 21-5

Separation: Another Word for Holiness 25-5

Seriousness of Sexal Sin 10-6

Serpent's Meat (Bill Britton) 5-3

Serving the Lord 27-6

Seven 19-3

Seven Awesome Church Name Ideas (Babylon Bee) 25-1

Seven Days of the Week: A Picture of 7 Stages of Growth 7-1

Seven Days of the Week: A Prophetic Foreshadow of 7 Annual Feasts 6-6

Seven Guidelines To Understanding Paul's Letters 22-5

Seven Lessons From Purim 9-1

Seven Pillars of Messianic Judaism (Asher Intrater) 10-1

Seven Sneezes, The (Charles Spurgeon) 22-6

Seventh-Day Pentecostals 8-3

Seventh-Day Sabbath: How Important Is It, Really? 20-1/25-4

Seventh Sneeze, The 22-6

Shabbat Shuvah 20-5

Shadow & Substance 3-5

Shavuot 24-3

Shavuot/Pentecost: Commemorating Two Great Events, & Reminding Us of Two Great Needs 25-3

Shavuot-Pentecost: The Law & the Spirit (Steve Vanderwarf) 6-3

Shepherd in the Song of Solomon 9-1

Shift (Wayne Clemons) 18-6

Shlomo Stories 20-4 - 21-3

Showing Hospitality 2-6

Sight and Light, Spirit and Truth, Zeal and Knowledge 23-1

Sing a Little Louder (Penny Lea) 7-2

Sinking of the Well on the Island of Aniwa (Paton) 13-5

Sin of Bath-Sheba 5-3

Six-Fold "Behold!" 18-5

"613 Commandments?!" 27-4

Slavery, Multiple Wives, & Witch Hunts 28-4

Slippery Slope of Sola Scriptura 22-5

Slapping the Savior's Face 20-3

Smiting of Amalek 12-1

Snake and the Sword 21-4

Snow Falls, Tears Fall (Teresa Botkin) 28-2

Snowflakes 7-1

Sodom & Gomorrah On Steroids 22-4

Some Facts About Martin Luther 9-6

Some Hard-To-Understand Statements in Romans 16-4

Some Random Thoughts on Mental Retardation & Autism 15-4

Something Outrageous (a short story) 22-1

Some Things You Should Know if You Support IFCJ 10-3

Some Thoughts for Father's Day 4-3/17-3

Some Thoughts on Proselytizing 10-4

Some Thoughts on Weeds (Teresa Botkin) 24-1

Some Trust in Chariots, and Some in Horses 17-3

Sometimes You Just Have to do Something (Weinberger) 15-3

Some Unique Things About the Sabbath Commandment 11-5

"Song of Songs" Versus "The Songs of Solomon" (Philologos) 25-2

Songs of Slaves (Teresa Botkin) 30-1

Soul Cleaning Means Getting the Leaven Out (Mike Miller) 9-2

So You Think You've Come Out of Babylon (But Has Babylon Come Out of You?) 10-6

Spirit and Truth 6-4

Spirit Behind Art 7-3

Spirit-filled Liturgy (Seth Dralle) 11-5

Spirit Of Babylon 22-1

Spirit of Bezalel & Aholib 6-4

Spirit of Man, the Candle of the Lord 11-1

Spirit Wind: His Love in Motion (Teresa Botkin) 27-1

Spiritual Arithmetic (G. Watson) 11-3

Spiritual Drunkenness 12-5

Spiritual Warfare 12-1

Spontaneous Travail 101 (John Robinson) 24-2

Sports 28-3

Spring, a Sting, and a Lesson (Teresa Botkin) 23-3

Stagnation 10-1

State of the Dead 7-1

Stop Trusting Your Feelings 28-1

Strange and Stressful Summer, A 25-5

Stranger Appears Before the United Nations (Harvey) 12-3

Stranger (anon.) 10-1

"Strangers" Among Us (Philologos) 9-2

Struggle 18-3

Submission to Imperfect Authority 16-2

Suffering and Art 22-6

Sunday Sabbath in 1 Cor. 16:2, Example of Eisegesis 7-2

Superhero 13-6

Surpassing Glory of Messiah, The 13-6, 24-2

Sweetness From Rocky Soil (Teresa Botkin) 22-1

Sweet Servant Like Rebekah Or a Bossy Bully Like Jezebel 16-1

Swimming in the Waters of the Holy Spirit 18-3

Symbol & Substance 7-3

Syncretism 11-4

Syncretism: A Blending of Paganism & Truth 26-3



Tabloid Sleaze or Prophetic Foreshadow? (Gen. 38) 3-1

Take Off Your Tinfoil Hat & Stop Acting Stupid 27-6

Taking Hold of the Fringe of Yeshua 2-4/9-1

Taking the Name of the Lord in Vain 27-2

Taking Up the Cross 11-1

Tale of 2 Brothers (a parable) 6-1

Tale of a Veil 5-6

Talking Torah to Christian Brethren & the Frustration Thereof 11-3

Tassles Are Worth the Hassles (S.Z. Stern) 2-4/12-4

Tattoos 27-4

Teachers 14-3

Teacher With Faith and Reason (Jacoby) 14-5

Teaching God's Word to Our Children 2-1

Teenage Killers & Hellfire 5-3

Tefillin & Acupuncture 9-1

Temple & the Gospel of John (Leesa Martin) 11-2

Ten Commandments As Wedding Vows (anon.) 29-3

Tenacity of Tradition 18-6

Testimony of Andy Eades 10-1

Testimony of Arthur Cox 19-1

Testimony of Art Katz 22-3

Testimony of Brian Foster 9-1

Testimony of Frank Bartleman 22-2

Testimony of Iris Cox 10-6

Testimony of the Jubilees (Ed Spurlin) 19-4

Testimony of Mitch Glaser 7-6

Testimony of Ryan Van Tress 11-3

Testimony of Sally Klein O'Connor 17-5

Testimony of Seth Dralle 10-4

"That Dweam Wifin a Dweam": It's Biblical! 30-2

"That's a Mistranslation!" 29-4

The 2300 Days of Daniel 12-1

Theorizing Versus Inferring 20-1

There Are Two Seas in Israel (Bruce Barton) 10-1

"There is No 'J' in Hebrew" Fact or Fiction? Hint: It's Not a Fact 29-4

They Speak With Other Tongues (book review) 10-6

Thine Is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory 18-5

Things That Should Be Left Behind 16-3

Things Which Should Not Be Taught (Finney) 18-5

Third Day 9-2

Three-D Disciples: Devotion, Diligence, Discipline 29-2

Three-Fold Fate of Ephraim 19-4/28-1

Three Great Slaughters & Three Great Redemptions 3-2

Three Important Hebrew Words: Galut, Hitbolelut, Hitorerut (Exile, Assimilation, Awakening) 18-4

Three of Satan's Favorite Bible Passages For Clubbing Christians With Condemnation & Despair 27-1

Three Parables: Three Warnings About Three Dangers Facing God's People Between the First Coming and Second Coming of the Lord 26-1

Threshing Floor 7-5/18-5

Through the Mist 14-4

Through the Storm (Teresa Botkin) 26-6

Thunderstorms & Nature Songs (Teresa Botkin) 22-4

Tide ( + anon. poem) 8-4

Time For Seeds (Teresa Botkin) 20-6

Time For Wheat, A Time For Tares 22-4

Time in a Garden (Teresa Botkin) 25-1

Tips for Evangelizing Muslims (Jewish Voice Broadcast), Special Edition 9/11

Tisha B'Av 8-4

Tisha B'Av & Lamentations 2-4

To Incorporate or Not To? 8-6

Tolerance and Diversity 9-4

Tongues: Clearing Up the Confusion 7-2/18-3

Torah: Adonia Revealed (Eades) 13-3

Torah: Mishpatim, Edot, Chukim 1-1/6-1

Torah, the Heart, and Deception 23-4

Torn Temple Curtain (Doug Ward) 20-2

Torn Veil 5-5

"Touch Not Mine Anointed" (Osterhus) 8-1

Towards Deeper Prayer 6-5

Transforming Lookingglasses into Lavers 17-5

Transgendering of Junia, The 25-4

Transgenderism and Other Genderisms 22-6

Travel Edition (Mozeson) 4-5

Treasure in a Garden (Teresa Botkin) 28-5

Tree of Knowledge & Tree of Life 28-4

Trees of Righteousness, Or Reeds Shaken With the Wind? 26-6

Tribute to My First Pastor 16-4

Tribute to an Old Friend 17-3

Trivial Lives (Herb Bluttman) 2-5

True and False Fire (Watson) 15-5

True Legalism and Chinese Foot Binding 10-1

Turning to Torah: Emerging Noachide Movement (book review, J. Gage) 3-4

TV Guide 13-4

Two Crossings (Geo. D. Watson) 11-2

Two Faces of the Harlot (Ed Spurlin) 3-2

Two Messiahs in Judaism 9-6/18-6

Two Powerful Voices That Shape Our Lives (Al Smith) 2-6

Two-House Teaching: Where Should Our Emphasis Be? 8-3

Two-House Theology and Messianic Israel Movement 6-3

Two Kingdoms (Bill Britton) 6-4

Two Witnesses of Revelation 12-4



Unchained Elephants 10-1

"Uncle Arthur" 29-5

Unconditional Surrender ("Thank God for the Atom Bomb") 27-5

Unction 7-6

Undeluding the Deluded 26-5

Understanding & Interpreting the Holy Scriptures 23-2 - 24-5 

Un-inspired Page of the Bible (Monte Judah) 7-4

Unintelligible Words (Wurmbrand) 15-5

United States Presidential Election, The 22-6

Unity 12-4

Unmixed Garment (George Watson) 10-6

Until the Seed Should Come 7-6/24-6

Urban Legends in the Church 3-3

Urban Legends on Steroids 30-2

Use and Misuse of Emotion, The 24-4



Vaccinations 15-5

Veil of Lawlessness 7-2

Vessel Worthy of Treasure, A (Teresa Botkin) 24-2

Views [of Jews toward Jesus], They Are A-Changin' 10-2

Virgin Birth & the Incarnation 3-6

Virgin Birth in Genesis, A 27-6

Virtue of Being Pushy (Michael Millier) 21-2

Visual Aid For Understanding Paul 14-4

Voices From the Past: Church Machinery and Ritualism (Watson) 17-2



Walking in the Truth, Or Sitting in the Truth: Which Are You Doing? 25-4

Warrior King & His Captive Bride 14-2

Washing One Another's Feet (a testimony) 6-3

Watchman's Calling 15-1

Water to Wine 10-2

Way of Cain 2-2/13-6

We Are All God's Creatures (D. Icenogle) 5-4

Wellsprings in a Desert (Teresa Botkin) 29-1

What About the Khazars? 29-7

What Divorce is and What it is Not 13-1

What Do You Do With Colossians 2:16? (H. & D. Kupp) 2-1

What is Man? A Hunk of Bloody Flesh Destined to Walk in the Spirit 28-6

What Is Torah: Looking At the Broader Meaning 19-3

What Methods in Ministry? (Finney) 12-2

What Must Precede the Return of Yeshua? 5-6

What Seeking the Welfare of the City Means (A. Kocman) 27-5

What Was Nailed to the Cross in Colossions 2:14? 17-1

What A Revival of Religion Is (Finney) 21-4

When a Biblical "Day" Begins & Ends (David Wilber) 27-3

When Did They Gather? (Acts 20:27) (Art Cox) 2-2

When the Son of Man Marveled 20-6

When the World Had Dyslexia (Mozeson) 3-3

When To Make the Ineffable Effable (Philologos) 25-6

Where Have All the "Floras" Gone? (history of naming babies) 2-6

Which Day is Shavuot? (Phinehas Ben Zadok) 11-3

Which Day is Shavuot? Part 2: Readers Respond 11-4

Which Do You Love? The Person of God, Or A Religious System? 18-6

Who Has Heard? (Arcel) 14-3

Who Were the Judaizers? (Acts 15) 2-3/7-2

Whom Should We Target? 11-3

Why 4-4

Why All the Suffering? (Wurmbrand) 12-4/29-4

Why Christians Should Know the Torah 13-2

Why Did Jesus Choose a Devil as an Apostle? (Wurmbrand) 12-6

Why Do Christians Use Birth Control? (Randall Terry) 4-1

Why God Can Sometimes Sound Female: When Language Changes Genders (Philologos) 25-4

Why I am Not a Roman Catholic 9-5

Why I Quit Drinking Wine 29-3

Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus 17-1

Why So Many Unanswered Prayers? 16-5

Why Stress Torah Observance? (Dennis Green) 3-1

Why the KJV? 6-6

Wicked Flea, The 26-3

Widower & His Housekeeper, A Parable 28-3

Will It Play in Peoria? 29-7

Wilting Sukkah and the Seasons of Life and Growth 10-5

Wimps or Warriors? 14-4

Wind 14-2

Wings of God (Teresa Botkin) 29-2

Winston Churchill on Islam 13-3

Woe, Lo, Go! (Isa. 6) 9-1

Woman's Role 8-6

WORD (Mozeson book review) 3-2

Word From Arthur Cox, Pastor of Grace Messianic Fellowship 28-4

Wrestling With the Man (Gen. 32)10-5

WWTT? (What Would Tozer Think?) 22-6



Xmas 8-6



Year of Living Like Jesus (book review, Miller) 16-5

Yeshua the Terrorist 14-4

Yester Ha-Ra: The Nature of the Beast Within 2-2

Yom Kippur and Fig Leaves 4-5

Yom Kippur Fast That Saved a Soldier's Life (a true story) 9-5

Yom Kippur Vision of Rabbi Israel Zolli (Zolli) 8-5

Yom Sylvester 19-6

"You Are Not Under the Law" 9-5

You Have Your Grandmother's Eyes (Mozeson) 4-4

"You Lacked Nothing" 5-1

Your Pastor & Mine (Osterhus) 8-1



Zeal 16-2

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