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  • Daniel Botkin

Take Off Your Tinfoil Hat & Stop Acting Stupid

I might lose some readers here, but I’m going to say it anyway. Take off your tinfoil hat and stop acting stupid. Quit behaving as if all the conspiracy theories you read on the internet were true. They’re not.

The earth is not flat. The covid vaccine is not the mark of the beast. The “Illuminati” are not out to “get you,” nor are they out to “get” your favorite conspiracy theorist. You are not that important. You are not a target. Neither is your favorite paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Even before the internet existed, lots of Christians were quick to believe conspiracy theories, urban legends, and far-fetched rumors of a religious nature. I am old enough to remember John Todd and Mike Warnke, two fraudulent hucksters who became quite famous in the Christian world by making false claims about their involvement in Satanic cults and “the Illuminati.” Both of these men were eventually exposed as pathological liars, but not until after they had spent years telling their fictional testimonies to thousands of gullible Christians, and raking in a fortune in offerings.

You would think that the public exposures of liars like John Todd and Mike Warnke would teach Christians to not be so quick to believe fantastic, far-fetched stories, especially when there are no reliable eyewitnesses to verify the truth of those stories. But alas, such is not the case. Some Bible believers would rather spend hours “researching” their pet conspiracy theories on the internet, than spend hours in prayer and Bible study.

If you feel drawn to conspiracy theories, you need to take off your tinfoil hat and stop acting stupid. Turn off your computer and start spending time in prayer and Bible reading. It will clear your mind of all the nonsense that has filled your head. It will restore your sanity. In time, it will transform you by the renewing of your mind. You will be a happier person. And you won’t look like an idiot for believing in nonsense.

| DB


Image above by Daniel Botkin. See more of Daniel’s art pieces on his art website,

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Frank Payne
Frank Payne

Short and sweet, but probably bitter for the foolish who cannot let that stuff go. Many elderly people have acquired wisdom over the years, but what we called the generation gap pales to what we have today. With the internet and smart phones, not only do conspiracies and fallacies spread like wildfire, younger souls do not value the wisdom of their elders and consider them less than informed and not even worth consulting, simply because they have access to so much information. Knowing something is one thing; knowing what to do with it is quite another.



Wow what a mouthful,... was there something that brought this on? To many questions about the great reset 🤔

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